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FREED – next generation high performance distributed cloud computing platform.

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You don't need to buy any equipment nor provide its administration, maintenance and scaling.

It's easier and cheaper than traditional cloud services.


Blockchain technology makes all transactions within the system transparent among all its participants.

How does it work?

FREED is a distributed computing system based on internet users' gaming personal computers.

You put the calculation order into a personal account.

We provide your calculation tasks in parallel mode on hundreds of thousands worker nodes, which are the gamers' PCs.

We pay game developers for their gamers' PCs work.

Game developers pay gamers for computing results by in-game currencies, valuables.

Gamers receive in-game valuables which were previously only at a cost.

You get the computing results of the requested task and pay for it.

      icon You place an order for computing in the client's Personal Area.
      icon We review your computation assignment and, if necessary, as agreed upon with you, refine the algorithm to ensure the best performance in parallel execution on the maximum number of computational nodes.
      icon On our servers, the original data is broken into small fragments and encrypted with a strong algorithm.
      icon Then, along with the executable files, the data packages are randomly distributed (via the HTTPS protocol) among the system computational nodes suitable for the particular types of tasks.
      icon On the client-side nodes, the data packages go to specially designed protected software containers, where they are processed with executable files.
      icon The processed data is encrypted and sent back to the controlling servers.
      icon The controlling server checks the incoming data, assembles it in a solid array, and then transfers it to your Personal Area for checking.
      icon You pay only after the data check.


  • icon 3d and video rendering
  • icon Scientific computing
  • icon Deep learning
  • icon Microservices


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